Genesis Fly reel by Killwell

Genesis Fly reel by Killwell

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*Aluminium die cast frame & spool
*One way disc drag with smooth teflon washers
*Skeletonised frame for lighter weight
*Large arbor to reduce line loop
*Easy conversion from right to left hand operation
*Spare spools available: KILGEN256SS and KILGEN278SS
*All have 1 Ball Bearing

Like all Kilwell products these have Kilwell Lifetime Warranty. 

To change the winding direction on Kilwell Genesis II fly reel to LH or RH wind....

1) Remove the spool from the frame and put the spool to one side
2) At the base of the main spindle shaft there is a circlip it may be covered in grease if you can't see it.
3) Remove the circlip
4) Underneath the circlip is the one-way bearing, slide it out, flip it over, then insert back into the spool, 
there are three alignment lugs that it must key back into.
5) Replace the circlip
6) replace the spool and attach your line.