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Copy of Countersunk Tungsten Beads Type G - Part Two

Copy of Countersunk Tungsten Beads Type G - Part Two

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Tungsten Beads are the way to weight your nymphs. Get down deep fast = longer drag free drift = More Hookups. Lead Free = environmentally friendly

Tungstenbeadsnz  tungsten beads are 60% heavier than their brass equivalents which make them perfect for the quick sink necessary on big, deep or fast flowing waters. Tungstenbeads  don't pose the environmental concerns That the use of lead that has arisen over the last few years.

Our beads are

·       100% new material, not recycled.

·       100% Tungsten.

·       Shiny and smooth.

·       Premium Quality.

Tungsten beads are a basic for every fly tying workshop.

Their common feature is their exceptional durability and corrosion-proof qualities