Tica  Lustre Spin reels
Tica  Lustre Spin reels
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Tica Lustre Spin reels

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If you want the best spin fishing reel but are on a tight budget, the Tica Lustre LCAT2500 might turn out 
to be just what you're looking for. 
Even with its low price tag, it is smooth, powerful, and durable just like the best spin reel should be. 
Given its price range, you will be pleasantly surprised at how solid it feels and how good it performs. 
The anodized aluminium spool and balanced rotor are sealed and bearings shielded to prevent water, 
dust, and sand from corroding the bearings and gear system. 
A lightweight design and comfortable handle give it an amazing feel in the hand. 
Fitted with an anti-twist line rotor and roller, the reel has a capacity of 200yds/6lb monofilament line. 
When it comes to fighting fish, it can handle any species encountered easily thanks to its 
enhanced shaft strength, strong and smooth drag system, 5 high-quality rust resistant ball bearings, 
and a 5.2:1 gear ratio. 
All Tica reels have a 10 year warranty.

Reel Features :
* 5 RRB Ball Bearings
* Computer balanced rotor.
* Anti Twist Line Roller.
* Oscillation system gives perfect line lay on spool.
* Slimline Frame.
* Forged aluminum spool.
* Thick aluminium bail wire.
* Right/ left interchangeable handle.
* Comfortable handle knob.
* Gear ratio 5.2:1
* Line retrieve rate; 73cm per handle turn
* Max drag; 3kg
* Capacity; 200yds/6lb

* Tica 10 year warranty.